Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Matisse was handed to us pretty late in this month so we have known him for only 6 days now, but in this short time, he has shown us that he is a sweet and smart boy. During the past few days, he’s already been to many places. He loves going to UBC because people keep stopping to interact with him and has learned that he will only get pats if he’s sitting. He has also been to a restaurant already, and did a “go in” on his own and napped while we had our food. Other places he’s been to are downtown, grocery store, friends house, and puppy kindergarten where he got to play with his brother Da Vinci. He mostly naps during the day at the office or at UBC and has a pretty loud snore which is adorable. He’s getting really good at waiting for “release” during mealtimes. He’s just been introduced to loose leash walking and enjoys all the treats he gets out of us for that!

Submitted By: Bahar Salehpour