McCartney Aug 2015 DSCN5970 sml    McCartney Aug 2015 DSCN5964 sml

Hi everyone, McCartney here from the ‘Beatles’ litter. Well August has been a big month for me, moving away from my mum, litter mates and breeder-caretakers to go and live with my new puppy raisers. My new raisers are Louise & Brad and I’m the first puppy they have raised for PADS so they are learning right along with me!

Since starting this new chapter in my puppyhood, I have had great fun exploring lots of new places and meeting lots of new people. Every day I get to go on the SkyTrain and bus out to Surrey where Louise works. I’m really good at getting on and off the trains now. I’m even starting to curl up under the seats and fall asleep on the way home! Everyone that sees me makes these “awwww” noises at me because I’m so cute! Sometimes it’s really hard to sit still and not lick & jump on them, but when I do sit quietly I get lots of yummy treats so I’m learning quickly!

I still have lots of energy and love nothing more than playing in all the leaves that came down in the recent storm (and trying to eat them, boy they’re crunchy!!!). My favourite toys at the moment are my teething rings, stuffy dragon and puppy Nylabone, which is getting a really good work out right now. Don’t I look cute at mummies work playing with my toys?

 Submitted by our amazing PADS Puppy-in-Training, McCartney, and his brilliant PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Louise Hill & Brad Koenig.