McCartney Nov 2015 IMG_20151108_121634499 smlHi there folks, it’s me McCartney again. Can’t believe that it’s the end of another month already! November was a month where I got out and about, with my raisers exploring both new and old situations and experiences. The winter weather was kicking in so my mummy & daddy thought it would be fun to go and see a truly Canadian experience – an outdoor ice rink! We took a gondola up to the top of Grouse Mountain. Boy it was good fun; the staff were lovely and even gave me my very own ‘Service Dog’ pass to wear!! I sat beautiful for mummy in the gondola and wasn’t even scared when it began moving and swaying. At the top my humans put on these funny boots and went out on this very cold, white stuff, wobbling around whilst I sat quietly and watched. Then I got to go and see what all the fuss was about. I don’t know why they were wobbling so much I found it quite easy to stand on the ice. I even tried to eat some, it was quite tasty but cold!!!

I have also begun sitting in on some of mummy’s sessions with her clients now that I am a bit older, which means I get to go in this big gym full of lots of swings, tunnels and foam equipment. It can get a bit noisy and exciting in the gym what with all the people and stuff, which sometimes gets me quite exited. However mummy always has lots of yummy treats ready for when I look at her and sit calmly! McCartney Nov 2015 IMG_20151118_171010806 smlOne of her clients even built me my very own obstacle course to try, which meant I got to explore lots of new surfaces including a tire, foam steps and poles. Boy did I have fun!!

Lastly we have had lots of trips to the dog parks around where I live. Daddy did lots of research on his computer to find out where they all were and most weekends we would go explore a new park J I get to run all my zoomies out and play with lots of different dogs! I love sniffing and exploring all the fun things in the parks including logs, benches, water fountains and branches. It’s a dog’s life  I reckon!!!!!

McCartney Nov 2015 Mac Park sml

Submitted by our fantastic PADS Puppy-in-Training, McCartney, and his PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Louise Hill & Brad Koenig.