McCartney Sept 2015 DSCN5994 smlHi everyone, McCartney here. This month I thought I’d tell you all about the new experiences I had, and believe me there were a lot! I have been accompanying my new mommy and daddy on lots of fun outings to new and exciting places, especially for a new PADS puppy in training like me πŸ™‚Β Firstly I was introduced to Superstore, a super cool building full of food and other yummy sights, smells and sounds. Boy it was hard to focus to start with but mummy and daddy made sure every time I looked at them I got a treat!Β  I went for a play date with my puppy pal EllaMcCartney Sept 2015 DSCN6046 (an Aussie Shepherd mix). She’s a bit older than me (and faster) but we played very nicely after I stopped trying to jump on her head! Mommy took me to Lynn Canyon and went on the suspension bridge with my pal Arrow and I wasn’t a bit scared by the swaying bridge. I also had my first trip to the beach. I loved digging in the sand and pouncing on the seaweed, and although I paddled my paws I wasn’t super keen to get wet!

Unfortunately I also had my first two trips to the vets, both because I keep trying to eat things that little puppies shouldn’t!!! It’s so hard though, those leaves are so crunchy and the tack holding the TV wires to the wall was so shinny!!! I think my poor mummy was ready to have a heart attack but the lovely vets took great care of me. They did trick me though by giving me some yummy doggy food (I thought Christmas had come) and then they gave me something to make me sick. Apparently it was for my own good because they found the tack J.

McCartney Sept 2015 _DSC1611The most exciting event this month was attending my first PADS Graduation. I was lucky enough to see my 4-legged mommy Roma graduate and meet my daddy Brass. I was very excited by all the new dogs but I did sit very quietly once we got into the theatre. I also got to walk across the big stage in the β€˜Puppy Parade’, which I rocked!!! I’ve been working very hard on my cues and I can now sit on cue and wait quietly for my dinner until mommy says the magic word, β€˜Release’! Mommy has also been making my kennel very fun by giving me a Kong stuffed with kibble and peanut butter every time I go in. Now when she gets the Kong out I run straight into my kennel!!!

Submitted by our wonderful PADS Puppy-in-Training, McCartney, and his remarkable PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Louise Hill & Brad Koenig.