This month we had lots of neat experiences! We volunteered for the PADS puppy playpen at Pride. We went to a casino for lunch. We went to Pet-a-Palooza in Yaletown. And we had our first Costco experience – it was so successful that we went again a second time for a longer trip in the same week! McIntosh was not distracted by flashing lights, noisy slot machines, people talking (someone accidentally stepped on his tail, but he didn’t seem overly bothered by that), carts, screaming children, food samples, food smells, giant mechanical bugs, big swinging rides at Playland. Pet-a-Palooza was a bit more challenging with so many dogs and doggie goodies on offer. He also found the barnyard animals at the PNE mildly challenging. He seemed quite interested and planted himself in one spot to sit and stare at them – we used this opportunity to practice “Engage/Disengage”. He seems quite happy (or at ease) as long as he can count on high value treats for good behaviour. Loud noises and large moving objects don’t seem to phase him.

Submitted By: Cindy Cassidy