Hi! it’s McIntosh! December was a pretty busy month for me. I attended a couple of work events with my raiser, Cindy. When she was busy greeting guests at the registration desk, I helped her by offering a super good settle behind the desk – I heard some guests tell her how impressed they were that I was so calm (I’m pretty sure someone even said I was a handsome, well-behaved young boy… ahem!) I also went to my raiser’s staff Christmas lunch at a golf club – there was a lot of singing and games and food… she works with some fun and goofy people! I settled under my raiser’s table and chewed on my favourite chew toys while she sang and played Christmas trivia and ate lunch – I was as quiet as a mouse…not a peep from me!

At home, my raiser put up the Jingle Bell Christmas Tree in the living room – it was full of jingle bells and lights and there were presents under the tree (I got some great presents!) The mantle above the fireplace had all sorts of Christmas swag and twinkling lights and glittery baubles hanging temptingly low. Not even once did I grab a present or a jingle bell or a bauble (I bobbed a bauble with my nose but it just didn’t seem all that interesting to me!) I sure did love sitting by that Jingle Bell tree though! I went to see the lights at Lafarge Lake – I stopped to look at the pretty displays, the ducks in the lake (how do they do that?! brrr… ) and lots of kids stopped to say hello.

This month I’ve been working super hard to maintain my “Sit” for longer that 5 minutes . So far, I’ve managed to sit for 5min and 30sec (that’s as of this morning!) and my “Down” has improved from 8 minutes to 10 whole minutes! I’m also trying super hard to stay focused on walks and walking on a loose leash – my raiser always reminds me that “practice makes perfect”! So I’m going to keep on practicing to be the very best I can be! The best part about practicing is when my raiser says the “R” word (release) after practice and then I get to lose my crackers! I hope you enjoy the photos of my December! I hope you had a great Christmas – 2018 is going to be a great year!!

That’s all for now! Ciao ciao till my next pupdate!

Submitted By: Cindy Cassidy