Hello! and Happy New Year!! I hope your 2018 is off to an awesome start! January has been a pretty busy month at work for my raiser so we haven’t had too many opportunities for new and exciting adventures (I hear that I am definitely in for an exciting February though!). The biggest highlights of my January were going to a de-stress event at the Justice Institute with my sitter friend, Donna L. and seeing my little buddy, J and his Canucks Autism Network team play their very first hockey game at Rogers Arena! This month, my raiser and I have been on lots of long walks to practice my recall and I’ve been practicing walking in the mall with my sister, Lady! Lots of people stopped to ask our raisers questions about us and to tell us how well behaved were were! A few people were even surprised to learn that we were siblings! I’m a pretty big boy and my sis is pretty petite! This month has also been loaded with practice sessions: cues, manners and few food challenges for good measure. You know what they say… practice makes perfect! and that is totally what I’m aiming for… PERFECTION!!!

Well, that’s all for this month! Looking forward to sharing my February adventures with you!

Submitted By: Cindy Cassidy