McIntosh has been doing really well at the office. We had a couple of events at work where he managed to sit quite well for about 5 to 10 min. 1. We had a smudging ceremony before an Aboriginal Engagement meeting at my office. We stood outside in a circle as an elder walked around and smudged us with sweet grass. I did have to excuse myself as he began to bark a little (but he did so well – I’m so proud of him).
2. He met our organization’s mascot (a large otter named Seymour). He did quite well here but he did end up trying to play with Seymour toward the end.
He’s had some great play dates with Smith and Lady. He’s attended a soccer game and played with children and teens. We’ve met friends for coffee (he slept under the table) McIntosh will be volunteering at de-stress event in Surrey next week. I’m looking for more volunteer opportunities to interact with people in uniforms.

We’re still working on the towel exercise. We’re continuing to work on some off leash stuff like walking through doorways and leaving things on the floor – he’s very good at these excercises in my home. I now need to move to practicing with him outside the home environment. I’ve attached a few photos.

Submitted By: Cindy Cassidy