Hi again! Wow what a busy month I’ve had! I celebrated my one-year birthday on March 13th and we had an amazing beach party together with our half siblings (US Parks litter)! I went on a scavenger hunt at the Rick Hansen Secondary School where my raiser and I were paired with a student to complete a number of tasks – it was a lot of fun! oh and I also got to cheer on my little buddy J at his first hockey game – I was so proud of him and I hope I get to cheer him on for more games! I know a lot of folks think that because I’m learning to be a service dog I don’t get to play and have fun… my raiser mum gets asked that a lot (like A.. LOT) but I get to do a lot of neat and fun stuff. I get to play with my friends on play dates and I get to go for lots of nature walks. And it just so happens that we’re getting ready to head out on a nature walk right now! Yay!!! Anyway, gotta go now but I’ll be back next month with more pupdates for you!

Submitted by: Cindy Cassidy