This has been a whirlwind month! I was with a hoo-man that gave me lots of cuddles and love and helped me with my poosplosions. My tummy is better now, and near the end of the month, I was handed over to 2 other hoo-mans for training. We have been going out to many different places, but I am trying my best to work hard on my manners and greetings. However, my a-dog-able (adorable) puppy brain sometimes kicks in, and I cannot help but be a puppy!

I worked really hard on my eye contact instead of focusing on the treat, and I think they really liked it. As I get more treats, the more eye contact I make! See, I’m a thinker! I am also learning to respond and look at my hoo-man whenever they say my name, but sometimes I still get up and wander over, and I don’t know what that is all about yet. After a good day’s work, I love leaning up against my new favorite sleeping spot!

Paws for now!

Submitted by: Team Mero