Hello, Pupsters!

June has been hawt and smokie! My hoo-mans have been making sure to limit my exposure to the hawt and smooke and I love to sit by the AC vent and look out the windows, watching hawt hoo-mans and other animals go by.

My hoo-man just got a new job at the University and they are allowing me to follow along. My first week at the University has been wonderful and a bit tiring as the campus is huge, but I am meeting lots of people and my current skills are helping me maintain my manners as well as gaining many new skills. I love snoring during lectures and presentations when I fall asleep and everyone starts to laugh.

I am on the road to learning the difference between the left and right side of my hoo-mans and I am also learning how to loose-leash walk outside now that my inside is really good.

Just to mess with my hoo-mans, as now I am a bratty teenager, I am pretending to be afraid of a certain set of doors, but only that set of doors and no other. I love seeing the confused look on my hoo-man’s face when they ask me what is wrong, but then they pull out a treat and I forget all about my silliness.

I love going out to the mountains and my hoo-mans love to take pictures of me with the majestic mountains in the background! My last trip out was in Lake Louise! I love being a goofball in the mountains.

And finally, I got to see mum again! Camper came for a visit and I was able to show her how much I have grown. We look so much alike. I hope to make my mum proud.

Time to take a nap in my favourite spot, right on top of the AC duct! (and yes, those are my nose prints all over my hoo-man’s patio windows, tee hee hee).

Paws for now!

Submitted by: Team Mero