Hello, Pupsters!

My hoo-mans have been taking great care of me, and I have an excellent bill of health! Wait, bills are for birds… so I must have an excellent paw of health, tee hee hee! Also, there was a huge day at the eye doctor for our eye checks. So many of my friends were there! We worked the trainers hard as they tried their best to keep us young ones calm.

My loose-leash walking indoors skills have improved so much thanks to Heather, Karynn, Marcey and Stephanie, that seem to be very pleased and have brought me to so many places. I have been to malls, restaurants, hospitals, schools and hotels, just to name a few! I can keep pace, change pace, directions and stop when my trainer stops. I have also been taught to stop picking things off the ground as it can be dangerous, both for my tummy and also for my trainer (like if we happen to be in the middle of crossing the street). I have started learning what side and heel mean when walking, I’m still a little confused, but my hoo-mans keep working on it with me.

There is so much to see in this big outside world! Leaves that blow, and especially white paper used to get my attention, but I am being taught by my trainers that these are examples of distractions that I do not need to pay attention to. While I still need to work on it, every day I go outside, I learn more and more. Oh, and did I mention I get so many treats whenever I do well? Treats, treats, treats! I get lots of treats when walking along the streets! And when I do well, the whole cycle repeats!

I also went to another event this month, the Doddle Dogs Day event. I got SOOO many pets as it was a pet-a-service dog day for us. I did really well as I got SOOOO many treats, just for getting pets!

My hoo-mans have moved into their new home and so we have all gone on many trips to IKEA and the Home Depot. They are always happy to bring me along as I think my cuteness attracts staff to rush to help my hoo-mans. We are often tired as I help them move in, going up and down the stairs over and over again as they move things here and there. I am so glad I can help them move by just encouraging them to walk up and down the stairs. If not, I don’t think that they would be as far as they are now. Almost done, maybe one more month.

Looks like we are moving again, so I gotta get going!

Paws for now!

Submitted by: Team Mero