IMG_3068.JPGHello, my name is Milan, Im the cute one right in the middle of this photo. I would like to introduce you to my puppy raisers, Shar and Lee, aka “Mommies”. I also live with my mama Santini and right now I get to tease and teach the Gold Litter who are my 1/2 siblings. The other stunning black lab is another puppy mommies raised named Jersey, aka Auntie Wiggley who was just a wee bit to wild to be a serivce dog. I also have a weiner dog brother and sister Andy and Roxy. I think I may just be the luckiest PADS dog alive because I have such a big fur family and almost every day I get to go to work with my mommy Lee and work in her elementary classroom. To top it off when I’m really lucky I get to work as a Park Ranger with my other mom.