Mint Sept 2015 01 smlHi, I am Mint’s puppy sitter. Mint spent twelve days with me in September.  She missed her puppy raisers, Jordan and Amy, but we had a fun time together.

These pictures show Mint at work with me, looking very alert and ready to go. As a health worker at the Hope Center in North Vancouver, I take Mint with me to meet some of my clients. This month we said good-bye to a young man who worked with Mint and me for three and a half months. Each week we hike up into the beautiful trails of the North Shore. Don (name changed for confidentiality reasons) opened to Mint long before he opened to me. Eventually, Don started chatting with other dog owners as we walked, bringing treats for Mint, enjoying nature…. it was a wonderful thing to see Don move back into life with the wagging tail and weekly time he had with Mint.

Mint Sept 2015 02 smlThe other picture shows Mint at the end of one of our two daily long walks. She loves to lie in the grass and enjoy the sun, just chilling. Mint is a beautiful girl, full of energy, in love with her people and life in general. She has two little buddies, Nemo and Lucy, who are little white rescue dogs. We go for walks often.

Brentwood Mall is a favourite spot to walk when it is stormy outside. Mint is very good, walking purposefully through the mall, ignoring everything around her. We have been working on her Car skills going in and out of the van at PADS. She is now 15 months old.

Submitted by our remarkable PADS Volunteer Puppy Sitter, Mary Jane Moore.