August was another busy and fun month. I spent an extended time on the Sunshine Coast, with a Sitter (Kathy). I really enjoy my time with her, as we have lots of new experiences. She taught me how to ride a stand-up paddleboard (SUP). It is good practice for remaining still and for keeping my balance.

I did complete my GDBart evaluation and I think that I did pretty well. I hope that this means that I can graduate into Advanced Training.

I know that I am getting older because I was scheduled for my spay surgery. It was right at the end of August and it seems to have gone off, without a hitch. I am not really feeling any adverse effects.

I have had a wonderful summer, visiting various places in BC. I anticipate that I will be spending more time in Vancouver, now that the summertime is winding down.

I will have more news for you, next month.

Lots of wags,

Submitted by: Griff Marshall