April was a pretty good month. I went on a bunch of different hikes – some had lots of big puddles, and some even had snow at the higher elevations. (When my feet touch the snow, I tend to get the zoomies:) However, my favourite hike was when I found a big wooden “M” for Misha in the middle of nowhere!

I went with mom to get her haircut, and I was a superstar! I was given the command to settle, and I only got up once to sniff the lady! She liked me!
I went to work with dad a couple of times. The golf course is getting really busy now, which is great to work on my over-enthusiastic greetings. I am so exhausted that I sleep like a baby by the time I come home!

My training continues to go well. There was this thing called the “distraction cube” in class one day, but it did not distract me; I just thought it was a fun photo opportunity.

I managed to catch a few rays of sunshine to nap in, but April was darn cold. Hoping for more warm sunny naps come May. (I heard talk of Gamma coming next month to visit and I haven’t met her yet, so I’m looking forward to showing off my awesome Grand-dog skills).

Submitted by: Kristen Lee and Misha