It’s April, and I’m growing up so quickly, but apparently, I walk like I’m captaining a sailboat – tacking right and left. I have to fix that soon so as not to trip anyone.

And what rhymes with sailing? Hailing! A freak 15-minute storm while out on a sunny hike, and I didn’t like it. It didn’t matter which way I turned my head as it kept coming at me. I got the atomic zoomies once it all stopped, and that was super fun! I got to go up into the mountains later in the month, where there was still a bunch of snow. I loved that, but exploring the icy water edges was super cold on my paws.

Back in the city, I got to walk up and down wide metal grated stairs and hang out on a loud overpass. It was not as bad as I was initially anticipating as I got lots of kibbles, and there was a nice sign at the top that said: “Be Happy.” I got the crazy giddies once I came down and saw my clear reflection in a huge wall of ground-level windows! I think I will be going back there a few times for practice.

I got to zoom with Gamma the other day! That was kind of fun; it’s almost like watching TV, but only I am the star! The other day I tried to help sweep off the back deck but wasn’t very good at it because I held the broom by the wrong end, and it got taken away. I never even offered to help mow the lawn because I am scared of the lawnmower when it’s running and moving, and it’s really smelly.

I celebrated my 7-month birthday by trying on some ballet costumes and hats… and I actually enjoyed it! This may turn into a monthly thing for me 🙂

I will be working on a lot of loose leash walking over the next few months, trying to control my sniffer. I weigh 50 pounds now, so I am pretty strong when I want to go in a different direction than I am not supposed to (especially when “tacking” east and west and north and south)!

See you next month when I am hopefully walking more like a pleasure craft!

Submitted by: Kristen