August was full of many new experiences! I went on the longest car ride of my life (I don’t remember the one when I was 8 weeks old so it doesn’t count). I ended up on the biggest boat of my life! There were lotsa skinny steep stairs that made me really nervous, but they got easier over time… especially by the trip back!
I got to see really big water that kept moving and tasted yucky, and the “sticks” were weird. They called it ocean and seaweed. I liked the sand though – it made me quite giddy!

I got to meet more relatives, two-legged and four-legged ones. I waded in more water that tasted much better than that ocean thing and didn’t move so much and I even tried standing on a floaty… but it was on the dock! Out for dinner one night, there was another dog at the next table giving me the googly eye!

Back in the Okanagan the smoke and heat were getting much better, so I was able to get out and about. I went on a few cider tasting and fruit buying trips to Summerland (apples are so yummy!). I went to a private Drive-In event (practising social distancing with the humans, as well as, with all the puppies in training capes). I golfed again and getting used to the fact that it is just boring (unless there is a buddy in the other cart)! I also took part in a PADS Move Doggie Yoga event. It was very difficult to “NamaSTAY”!!
I am going to be ONE already next month!!

Submitted by: Kristen and Lee