My first full month with my new people was quite exciting for me, especially including Christmas. Everything I see and hear and smell and try to eat…is all so new!! I even like to watch TV and my reflection in the fireplace.

I love the snow and ice and now also appreciate a warm blowing heat vent or cuddles when I’m inside! I have met my lovely sponsor at Total Pet in Vernon and I think they like me 🙂 I have been to a few more stores and I continue to go to work with “Dad” one day a week. I went on some longer hikes/walks to the valley and met lots of people and their furry friends to test my on-leash recall and distraction levels. Some doggies really like me and some not so much, but I have some “street-sense” and know when to respect a superior.

My training is coming along, as I love to work for my kibbies. I am learning many commands (and offerings) and also practicing my loose leash walking. However, I often have to be reminded that barking is not a command and neither is eating plants in the back yard. Apparently, I am a walking pot-pourri, whatever that is … lavender bush seems to be my favourite, with pine as a close second.

Stay tuned for my next adventure/training report. I am looking forward to what January has to bring!

Submitted By: Kristen and Lee