I think I was wearing something on every part of my body for all of December!

It started off with wearing my neuter cone for the first 10 days, then it became a little more festive with my Santa neck thingy and my cool blue adventure cape. Then when the temperatures kept dropping to -25 degrees, it got ridiculous! I was wearing a fleece liner under my adventure cape, a neck/head warmer and booties galore … Sherpa – wool – fleece – Gore-tex – jean – double layered at times (mom even tried sewing some booties). I even started wearing suspenders during wilderness hikes to keep my booties on as I always seemed to go for the deepest snow!

I never could quite understood when I had to wait forever for people to get their boots and toque and mitts and jacket and scarf and all that on, and I was always just ready to go… well now I understand! I could not last more than two minutes outside without some form of booties on!

This may all sound quite gruelling, but I had a blast once I was all geared up (and it was a great training tool as well). Nevertheless, I am hoping that 2022 brings much joy and peace and warmer weather!

Submitted by: Kristen and Lee