I understand that February is the month of love…
I love lounging in front of the fireplace and also love my snowy adventures. I’m not sure, though, that I love my snow booties, but I tolerated them for a bit.
I love the playground, with see-through stairs and landings, where my awesome sitters took me.
I love stretching out as long as I can with my back legs straight out in line with my tail; maybe it is because I saw this cool wiener dog bench at the Goat Cheese Factory the other day??
I am not sure I love a bath yet, but I do like to be fluffy afterwards while having a deep sleep.
I like to do some training in the mall and stores, but love may be too strong of a word for that quite yet. However, I do love to see and be around people so much that my bum almost falls right off due to my enthusiastic tail wagging!!
I’m not sure if I love deer yet, though they do intrigue me, and the same with birds whether they are running, flying or tweeting!
I know the “yours and mine game”, as well as “leave it”, “drop it”, “here” and “this way”, but I really get a kick out of testing mom’s patience by pretending that I have no clue what she is talking about… as I still love to eat shrubs in the backyard (especially lavender and wegeila)!
I think I will have to learn to love to be brushed, as I’m starting to shed like crazy and it is looking like a snow storm inside the house!
I love that all of my baby teeth have fallen out, but I do not love that it will be another month for my adult teeth to fully move their way into my mouth!
PS: I was able to spit out 7 of my baby teeth – I put them under my pillow and magically the next day I got pieces of carrot and apple for the first time… now those I truly LOVE!!
I am hoping for more magic in March, and of course more love – can never get enough of that!!

Submitted By: Kristen, Lee and Misha