It seems like just yesterday I was talking about “LOVE” in my Feb. 2021 Pupdate! All of those love things that I mentioned are still true and some have grown from “like” closer to “love”, such as training and even wearing my winter booties! Still top of my love list is my ABCs (Apples, Bananas and Carrots)!

On Feb. 2nd, I saw three giant groundhogs that were casting shadows on ME! Apparently, they are called horses. I was almost as tall of them (not really) as I was standing on a big snowbank, but I was still a bit nervous. I took my time and was rewarded with kibble to “Go say hi,” then I started to like them a lot. I even got a bit giddy when they sniffed my body with their huge nostrils!

I went backcountry Nordic skiing (on the KVR) for the first time and was very respectful of the skis and poles. I had lots of fun but was somewhat tired on the return trek. I also went on more snowy adventure hikes – trying to avoid the melting muddy/icy Valley this time of year.

I celebrated my Champagne Birthday with my sister Misty (17 months old on the 17th). I even found a bottle of “doggy champagne,” but the dog was the wrong colour on the label.

I got all excited as I was going to this ‘Lab’ place one Friday. Turns out that it was a lab…orotory, and there was not another Labrador in sight! Despite my disappointment in the lack of others ‘Labs’, I was very well behaved during the 2-hour process, and I seemed to make people happy (even when I drooled a bit).

I started (optional) in-person puppy classes again. I pulled a little bit at the start of class, but it wasn’t to see the other dogs. It was to offer to stand and work on the platforms!

I look forward to springing into more action next month, whatever it may be… work, play or basking in a sunbeam!

Submitted by: Kristen Lee and Misha