2022 started off like a dream as I woke up at my girlfriend Sophie’s house. I was a well-behaved perfect gentleman, especially with their new wooden floors.

The rest of January was not overly eventful, other than having my first sauna! I kept low to the floor where it was cool but still thoroughly enjoyed the coziness of it all!

I went on daily hikes without having to wear my booties, suspenders, and other winter wear; I just wore my adventure cape because it’s fun!
I weighed in on the big scale at the vet and then kept weighing myself at home doing a mini ‘jump on.’ “I am amazing”…well, that is what the scale says anyways!

I went to work a few times with Dad and enjoyed poking my head out the top of the kennel, even though the front was wide open!

I spent a couple of nights at my awesome sitter’s place, and I really like their paw print mat.

I have made a New Year’s resolution to get more snuggies. However, I have been strongly encouraged to make a more ‘giving’ resolution than receiving one. I guess that makes sense, as I am being raised as a service dog. (I will secretively continue to pursue the snuggies as well ;

Submitted by: Kristen Lee and Misha