July was extremely hot and smoky in the Okanagan, so time out and about was limited. However, I still got to see the alpacas a few times, golfed a couple times on the cooler clearer days and met my other two-legged sister finally, celebrated 10 months with my sister Misty, did some chalk painting in my driveway and with the neighbour’s kids, had a safe photo shoot on a railroad track, and went for a little hike at a creek that still had a bit of water (and I put my head right under and blew bubbles out of my nose!)

Unfortunately I started getting more and more congested as the month began and I had to visit Dr. Chris – he called it ‘environmental sensitivity’, gave me a pill to make me feel a bit better and said I would be okay. And for the icing on the cake, I got to play with Amy in the treatment room after (Dr. Chris’ little black lab).

My overall training is coming along. I am quite smart and obedient… most of the time… well… definitely more than 50% of the time!! I have to work on a more calm “go say hi”, try harder to ignore people and stop sniffing so much. That last one is gonna be tough as there are soooo many great stories that come from the grass and trees and posts and sidewalks and the list goes on….

Submitted by: Kristen and Lee