As you are reading this, I will have started puppy university (as of August 2nd) – I have included “the last kiss”! Also, there may be some typos in this pupdate, because it’s the last one that I can get mom to help me write … and not sure how well she can see … as I think her eyes are broken and leaking …

I’m surprised I did as much as I did this month as it was super hot, like up to 39° for numerous days in a row! AND I am not a swimmer or fond of the hose either…. dabbling a bit in shallow water is kinda okay though. I finally got to meet my other awesome sister Alina and had a little play date! She is gentle like me … and pretty. And I better mention that I had more play dates with sister Misty as well and she is really pretty too :).

I got to go golfing one more time (on one of the cooler days). I went camping again and I even got to lick a fish! I hung out in a rowboat this time. (Long story why not the usual boat…or the usual older camping truck, but let’s just say Dad’s brand-new truck got quickly broken in with my beautiful blond fibers and drool, with some added dust for good measure!)

I went on a mall field trip for puppy class, and I think I rocked it!

I never did get to try out mom’s new paddle board that I had been practicing on downstairs all last month, but neither did she!

I was invited to three going away dinners – in my honour … one was at my house with girlfriend Sophie. One was at my not-a-sitter’s house, where I got to enjoy an apple-Kong-happy-hour (the best kind)! The neighbourhood cat, Luna, even came by to say goodbye … she actually came IN the house – that was crazy (too bad I can’t include a video clip!)

I had my first doggie sleepover with a 9-year-old chocolate lab called Charlie – he was super cool, and I think he liked me too! When I woke up and he was still here, I realized that it wasn’t all a dream! Oh, and I cannot forget to mention the raspberries!! I had been checking the ripeness of the raspberries for over 3 months now and I hit the jackpot in July!!

It seemed to be photo-shoot galore this month, and particularly a lot with me trying to keep this silly looking square flat hat on my head … I think they called it a grad cap …

Well … wish me luck everyone!

All I can hope for is that the rest of my life, whatever it may entail, is filled with as much love as Mom and Dad have given me (since leaving my own fur-momma Heloise). I thank them dearly for loving me and teaching me how to be a well-mannered, fun-loving young man.

Love you, Mish : )