Hey everyone, it’s me Misha here!

I’ve worked so hard over the past several years to learn all about being an assistance dog, but sometimes life doesn’t always go as we expect. I developed something my (awesome) vets call “Allergies” recently. Don’t worry; I’m a happy guy and taking it in stride and doing well, but these allergies can get worse with age and can be very challenging and costly for a person with a disability to manage. This means that I’ll be taking another path.

The people at PADS have helped me to find a wonderful soft landing with a new family – where all the amazing things my puppy-raisers, sitters and trainers taught me are being put to excellent use as their beloved pet and helping me to live my very best life.

They shared this about our new life together:

“Misha has settled in wonderfully. My 2 daughters adore him and take turns sleeping with him each night, which helps them to settle down for the night. Having a well-mannered dog also has encouraged them to be more involved and independent with dog walks. Whether it’s snuggling on the couch or playing in the backyard, they love having him in their life (as do I)! Our Boston Terrier Podrick loves having a playmate. Misha seems to equally adore him as he greets him every morning with lots of excited wagging and face licking.”

My adopters, the PADS team and I are so very grateful to each of you who have supported my journey up until now!