June was a mix of everything!

I went camping twice – one place even had cows!
I got to go fishing 3x and I was so good jumping in and out of the boat when I was supposed to AND I got to kiss 3 fish before letting them go … they were all mom’s (dad got skunked…again).

I stopped in at my sponsors at Total Pet Vernon to show them how grown up I was getting and practiced my perch in front of the big PADs poster boy imagining that could be me someday!

I got to attend a couple in-person puppy classes … with other pups!! I was very very excited, but managed to gather myself to be able to show case my skills!

Play dates and long walks were soon on hold due to the crazy heat wave. I had been cooling my toes a bit in my little backyard pool, but it even got too hot for that. I can drink from a hose now but still don’t trust it fully…or maybe the person holding the hose? I’m still scared of the stinky loud lawn mower.

Since we were trapped inside for so long we did lots of fun training in all different places in the house. They tried to deek me out by saying “relish” instead of release, but they never fooled me – I waited for the correct command. They also tried saying “yellow” instead of yes and again I showed them I knew my stuff. They kept trying to trick me with the doorbell too, or saying “hello” or “hi”, as I can get excited with that, but I caught on to that game pretty quickly as well!

My low-shrub sniffing days are coming to an end (at least when I am on leash) as the other day I guess I kinda slightly lifted my leg for the first time ever after giving a nice clump of shrubbery a good sniff… I tried to say that I was just losing my balance, but they didn’t buy it! I will have to come up with a better excuse by next month 🙂

Submitted by: Kristen