June was a mix of fun things and not-so-fun things. I received a clean bill of health from Dr. Chris early in the month, but later in the month, I think I got Doggie Covid… well, not really. It’s called a “Kennel cough. ” I mean that kennel cough thing, but not sure, though. I never sounded like a goose, but I gagged if I got excited and was pretty darn tired.

Oh … and speaking of goose … there was a chipmunk in the house the other day! That was super exciting to help shoo it back out the door!!

Before my silly ‘cough’ started, I did manage to do a fair bunch.

I went camping for a couple of days (rainy and cold, but it was still lots of fun).

I also got to go on a little day trip where the weather allowed me to dabble in the water wearing my cool life jacket (I had a little rope for safety, as I guess my brother –from-another-mother started swimming for the very first time towards the middle of the lake when a baby duckling sprung out from the shrubs!)

I was a sharp-dressed man at the Kelowna Pride parade with some other PADs peeps, sporting a purple top hat and bumble bee bottoms.

I got to see the puppy Zoom lady in person and then later met my new trainer.

I participated in the ALS Golf-a-thon (I only hung out for 11 holes, but Dad golfed 100!!)

I overheard some news that I may be leaving for University, or something like that, early-early August. I think it’s making Momma a bit sad (Dad too). I’m not really sure what it’s all about yet… They have also been moving my kennel around a bit and testing me out sleeping in a couple of other rooms, and I am not bothered by it at all.

I’m hoping for a fun July, though, as Mom finally pumped up her Christmas present (paddle board), and I have been testing it out lots downstairs so far!

Happy summer, everyone and chat again soon!

Submitted by: Kristen & Lee