Spring has sprung, and so did I…. I saw my first robin in the backyard and ran to play with it, but it flew away. Apparently, that will be the last robin I will try to play with as I have been told that I am not a bird dog in this lifetime. Oh, and I tried to imitate a llama earlier in the month by wearing my cool fuzzy toque, but I guess I still looked like a dog.

On another springy note, I got to meet one of my other sisters and have a “MMM” play date… (Margo – Misty – Misha)! My February wish of having a new (adult) toothy grin for March has come true! However, there was a catch :(…One of my big canines only fell half out and became an issue, so Dr. Chris had to help with sedation and removal. And I am feeling like a spunky monkey again!

I am excited to get out and try real golf, finally, as I have been going to work with Dad here and there. I get to run along the snowy open fairways and get giddy with the animal headcovers. And practice sitting nicely on the golf carts in the underground cart barn. I have a feeling there will be many more rules I will have to abide by once I am in the public eye!

Keeping with the spring theme, I seem to be ‘blossoming’ into quite a nice young man, eager to learn and apparently I have very good patience …who would have guessed that two months ago 🙂

Here’s to keeping good trends blooming.

Submitted by: Kristen and Lee