I have been “springing” into a bit of action this month, but no robins are involved like last spring 🙂

I went cross country skiing a couple more times this month. I had a blast, especially running downhill and also meeting a couple of other doggies on the K9 trail. On the first ski day, I was able to explore and run around on top of the snow. But the second time, when I politely ventured off the trail to do my business, I had to be rescued as I sunk deep in the soft snow and got stuck. (Dad got snow in his ski boots).

I explored SilverStar Ski Resort one day and ran on the multi-use trails, walked on a bunch of steel-grated steps and wandered the village. I even got to visit the Bulldog Hotel.

I had a mammogram this month, well, not really. However, I was very well-behaved, hiding behind the protective shield. There was some drool to clean up off the floor, as I was also in charge of protecting the kibble pouch!

I celebrated St. Patty’s Day and my 18-month birthday on the same day with my sister Misty.

I had dinner with my girlfriend, Sophie. It is so hard for me to take naps when she is around. It only happens near the end of the evening when I am tired out.

I have continued to attend in-person puppy classes and doing quite well. I love to work, especially for treats. However, I overheard some talk that the treats are going to start to slow down … not sure how I feel about that…

I am looking forward to catching more sunbeams in April, and maybe even an Easter Bunny… just kidding; they really don’t interest me!

Submitted by: Kristen Lee and Misha