Talk about May Madness… it was actually GrandMAY Madness, as I got to hang out with all 3 of my Grandmas!

My one “Gamma,” who I had never met before, stayed with us for three weeks. I got to go to a Tulip Festival with her and a Cidery! I went to the driving range and played my first golf game of the season (I’m still a scratch golfer; it’s just like riding a bike!).

We tried to go boat fishing up in the mountains, but when we got there, the lake was still covered in ice! I got to run around in the snow again, though!

I had my first one-on-one at the mall, and I was a RockStar!

Later in the month, I was in the vehicle for a long time and then on a ferry to go see my other two ‘island’ grandmas. Those steep ferry stairs don’t scare me, but sometimes the car-deck floors get slippy. I went on a number of fun hikes – through the woods, around lakes and lagoons, and along the ocean. I got to have two separate play dates with different PADS working dogs when they were on a break 😉 what a blast! I had a photo shoot at the PADS “35 Years” sign on the way home, but I was feeling a bit under the weather. I am not certain, but I may have been suffering from “Grandma Withdrawal.”

I am hoping the weather gets nice soon for some camping and get out fishing up in the mountains, where I actually need to wear my life jacket instead of my snow booties!

Submitted by: Kristen Lee & Misha