Wow!  It’s amazing what can happen in just over 2 1/2 weeks!  One moment I am goofing off with my brother, sisters and mom, and the next moment I wake up in the Okanagan with my new people!

I haven’t done too too much as I am still little and settling in.  My new Mom works from home which is awesome, but I have already gotten to go to work three times with my new Dad!

I have spent most of my time trying to eat leaves in the backyard.  

However, I have gone out for a fun snowy mountain hike, have been to Rona, the Post Office and a grocery store.  I have had a few safe socializing dates and have participated in my first virtual PADS graduation!  I know my name and get very excited with “This way”.

I have mastered great eye contact, sitting, and am very polite when it’s meal time (except for my barking!) I sleep through the night, but awake at exactly 5:59am!  Oh and I seem to be a natural Percher!

Submitted By: Kristen Rawluk/Lee Ranger