October was so jam-packed I will try not to ramble on and just list the many ‘events’ that occurred (some will require a little bit more explaining); here goes:

I had my first massage … well, I actually laid there quietly on the floor while someone else had a massage.

I went to see wonderful Dr. Chris, as I think I was having a significant allergic reaction to who knows what, and I was trying to get away from my head … thankfully, I never succeeded… and the yukky symptoms eventually passed!

I had a PADS buddy come hang out at my house for 3 hours on Thanksgiving, and I realize that this must happen more often so I can perhaps learn how to chill!

I went to the island again riding the ferries. I went on many windy ocean hikes (even extra ones than planned, as I was trapped on the island for an extra day due to the Weather Bomb!) I even got a new little monkey stuffie and bed at Costco. However, the best part of my island trip has to be when I got to meet PADS 2021 graduate Aries “the Dog-God,” who I have smelled for the last year and whose bed I have been sleeping in and whose toys I have been playing with. I have heard so much about this guy, and I kinda blew my mind a bit when he was right there in living fur!!

And just when I thought that was the end of the excitement, I stopped at the PADS campus on the way back home and happened to meet my brother’s dad and got my photo taken in front of the PADS sign. He invited us to the Vancouver Police Department – not for doing anything bad, but to have a play date with brother Xander and with working PADS Sadie! What a riot that was! (Too bad I missed seeing Zen).

I attended my first PADS pride event and got my photo taken a lot- they apparently liked my little purple hat!

I experienced my first Halloween (last year I was only two weeks old and people told me I was dressed like a pumpkin). Sooooo many kids – good training opportunity.

Speaking of training… I have been performing very well in my puppy classes. I become absolutely exhausted afterwards from working so hard and being focused for so long.

Oh, and I almost forgot … I received ‘Neuter News’ for next month! Though I’m not quite sure why everyone reacts so gloom when I tell them?

Submitted by: Kristin Lee and Misha