I turned ONE year old this month!! (I used to be so little). I got to wear a funny hat and had a yummy birthday surprise treat in the backyard with a buddy! I was very patient with the hat, but by the end of the day, I wanted to eat it… well, not really eat it, but bite it a bit!!

I went camping twice (3 nights each time) to these really cool places. I even had to take a short ferry boat ride. There was lots of water and long sandy beaches, and lots of fun hiking trails. I did a lot of running around and exploring. I still won’t swim, but that’s OK as I really enjoy dabbling in the water and blowing bubbles out of my nose. Oh, and on the first trip, I got to hang out with PADS Sven for a couple of days (he is more mature than me!)

I visited a dairy farm and got really nervous in the barn as all the cows really really liked me and were coming at me from all sides (seemed like) making weird loud noises and trying to sniff and lick me. I definitely prefer talking to chickens!

I am really enjoying my Puppy classes. I get excited to be able to work! I’m pretty smart and focused … most of the time. I still go 100 miles an hour when I get the command to “go say hi,” even being 2 feet away already :(. I will keep working on that.

Have fun frolicking in the pretty fall leaves. I’m looking forward to eating more fresh Okanagan apples!!

Submitted By: Kristen, Lee and Misha