July! I did so many things this month I can barely remember everything.

I saw a bobcat! I couldn’t believe it and neither could my raisers. At first I stood very still and watched it and then I started walking slowly because that bobcat didn’t even care that we were there and it just kept walking in front of us like we weren’t even there so I ignored it too. I would have liked to make friends but I guess you can’t be besties with everyone.

I went camping and I explored the Othello Tunnels near Hope BC. I rode in a canoe for the first time ever. I don’t know how to swim yet so I wore a lifevest for safety.  But, you guys, even if I did know how to swim I think it would be important for me to wear a lifevest because, safety first! Being in the canoe was super interesting and exciting for a while but then I fell asleep.

I got to visit the staff at Canuck’s Place. Some of the kids made us cookies and let me tell you they were capitol D delicious. Thanks Canuck’s place anytime you want us back I’ll be there.

Puppy pride! I walked in the Vancouver Pride parade on July 31st. Wow, that was sooo much fun. I dressed up in a super cute costume, there were tons of people there to greet and get pets from. I know I am supposed to stay seated when people greet me so I did that A LOT! After the parade PADS set up a both and had a fenced in play area for us with a splash pool and everything. It was such a fun day.

If you would like to see a photo of me in the canoe and dressed up for Pride please check out my Instagram account @padsmocha.

Submitted By: Dawn Milman