Before we started raising Mocha, Matt and I volunteered with VOKRA. Recently, we took in a litter of five vaccinated/dewormed kittens for two weeks. We had been told that it would be good for Mocha’s training to have cats in the house but after we got the kittens we learned that raisers aren’t allowed to foster kittens. While the kittens were there, we kept them apart from Mocha for the most part, but there were a few occasions where they were able to interact. Mocha showed amazing restraint and always stayed in her settle (in her bed) or down while the kittens were out.  Overall we were very impressed with Mocha’s restraint. We could see that she wanted to play with the kittens but she listened to our words and remained calm and gentle. Mocha also enjoyed paddle boarding this month. As far as training goes, we are working on duration for stand etc as well as out of sight heel/side. As always we run her through all her cues on a regular basis. Instagram: @padsmocha

Submitted By: Dawn/Matt Milman/Thompson