Hiya, I’m Mocha! I was born at the end of February. I moved in with my raisers on April 29th at nearly 9 weeks old.

Here I am on my first day in my new home.

I think I made the adjustment to living with my raisers in Kitsilano pretty well. I barely even cried in my kennel… okay, maybe just a little on the way home and on the first night but, you guys, that was it. I love my kennel now. There is always something to snuggle with and a lot of times treats come in from the holes. Magic.

Kitsilano is a nice neighbourhood and there are plenty of people, dogs, and lessons to be learned.  And the beach!! I didn’t actually get that close to the water but I got some sand on my nose and it tickled.

Some of the other things that I enjoyed doing this month…

I took a trip to Saltspring island and met a bunch of different animals and I got to run in a daisy field.

Not to brag, but I did this thing called the, “Leave It” challenge and everyone was super happy cause I nailed it.

Oh yeah, also, I got to go to Ikea and pick out some toys and my very own mat.

I rode on the big ferry across the ocean that was no big deal because I had already ridden on a little ferry across False Creek.

I ride public transit a lot. I can’t jump up on to the bus yet but my raisers are always around to give me a lift.   

I got a  part-time job as the chief morale officer at the MEC head office.

Did I mention toys?  I love toys!

I quietly watched the pigeons on Granville Island and I even strolled through the market.  It was busy.

You guys, sometimes I get so tired that I have to lie down and have a rest no matter where I am…  

Okay, that’s me, Mocha, signing off. If you can’t wait until next month to see me then be sure and check out my Instagram @padsmocha

Submitted By: Dawn Milman