Hi guys! I have so much to report this month, so I’ll just stick to the important stuff.

My human bought me a new collar for Christmas. It’s pink, my favourite colour, and super shiny… She says I look like a princess with it on. I did some sunbathing too! I was a little disappointed to see no more white fluffy stuff on the ground to play with, but I was in desperate need of some vitamin D so I guess it worked out. My human tested my patience and focus when she took me Christmas shopping at these two busy stores. She says I did really well and gave me lots of treats. She also bought me this super silly thing to put on my head. There’s a photo of me with it on. Take a look! I got lots of compliments on my walk home.

A huge shoutout to my other human, Susan, who took care of me LOTS during this month. I love spending time at her place because I have a few lifelong friends there. I went on an adventure with her to Barnet Marine Park. She says that my recall skills have gotten so much better!! I can’t wait to spend more time again with Susan and her family.
That’s all for now. Chat to you in a month!


Submitted by: Atrina