It’s been quite a month, my raiser got a job and can’t bring me to work with her so I’ve been staying with my sister Sassy. We have so much fun together, we love each other and share everything!! Sassy’s mom says it’s a lot having the two of us, she also says how cute we are together, especially when we’re cuddling.

I do get to see my other family on weekends, I’m super happy about that, I miss them.

Sassy & I went to the Douglas College vet program twice this month, they practice on PADS dogs and Sassy’s mom says it gives her a chance to clean.

We take turns training, sometimes we get a little too ambitious trying to get in on the other one’s training, I think we help each other out.

We had an in-person class at the PADS campus, it was so good to see my friends who I usually only see on zoom.

Sassy & I have been going for some nice on-leash walks and when we’re extra good we get to go off leash, we chase each other, it’s fun.

Sassy’s mom says we have to learn to settle well in the house and sometimes tethers one of us or puts one of us in the kennel, also I have become a yoga dog, I should say a “Savasana” dog, while Sassy’s mom does yoga, we sleep, it’s our Zen time.

I think that’s it for this month, I’m not sure how long this arrangement is going to be, Sassy & I sure love it and miss each other when we’re apart.

Bye for now,

Submitted by: Alison