Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

I was a busy puppy and went on two trips this month! The first was to Vancouver Island for an Easter visit with my short raisers parents (apparently I am their grand-dog). For this trip I got to ride on a big ferry boat it was sure cool. The second trip was to a horse ranch in Kamloops. There were many other Pads dogs there and I had a great time learning to play properly with the older dogs. I only saw the horses from a distance. They sure were big!

We also went on a class field trip to a very big mall called Metrotown. I was really good at not barking – most of the time – I had to say hi to all of my pals first. You see, I am still really distracted by other dogs – I am a party girl!! Barking aside, I continue to impress my raisers with my excellent behaviour in all kinds of stores.

I also lost all of my puppy teeth this month. My raisers tell me that they do not miss my shark-like puppy teeth – but I do! I can hardly crunch all my yummy treats and kibble. I am told that my adult teeth will grow in soon enough. As I am getting bigger I can go on longer walks, and this month, I went for a walk in the forest. My raisers even trusted me enough to take me off leash for a little bit. They had some yummy treats so I made sure I stayed close at all times.

Submitted By: Meredith & Henrik Areskoug