June was an exciting month for me. I got to spend 2 weeks with super sitters, Mary & Dave, while my people went to visit family in Sweden.  I had lots of fun, as they took me on many great adventures. I went to the park and met friends and did some shopping at Granville Island, Safeway and Costco.  I was also a good girl at church, the gym and on visits with children.

When my raisers got back we attended “Greek Days” in Kitsilano and there were so many people!  There were food smells and people everywhere; it was also super noisy.  We also went to the PADS Open House and I got to see many of my friends and I also settled nicely while watching my hero, PADS Walker, and her client, Nicole, do a presentation.

 At the end of the month, PADS Nessa came for a sleep-over and we had so much fun.

Submitted By: Meredith  & Henrik Areskoug