I took Moose with me to the hair salon and he was so great (sitting and waiting for me the whole time).!I only needed to give him regular kibbles while in the salon, then high value treats while walking on the roads in downtown Vancouver, Robson Street area. Moose participated in the PNE superdog show. He was fascinated by  watching the show with dogs doing the tricks and children cheering for the dogs. For me, it was more fun to watch his reactions than to watch the show. After the show he attend his field trip. He was so good walking around the PNE with his halti and was very calm the whole time. He wanted to get rid of the halti a few times but the high value treats kept him distracted from the halti. I am trying to work on Moose’s disingagement and paying less attention to treats. We are also working on wait and out at entrances and road crossings.

Submitted By: Fanny Pang