April showers bring May flowers, so I’ve been told, except April seemed to have forgotten the part of the shower. There was lots of sunshine and wowser did we take advantage of it. The momma says we have a very short window where our river bank is low enough to explore. So we took to that a few times to stretch our legs and experience some new smells and underfooting. Just when I was getting comfortable with the water and exploring a bit away from my mommas’ side, the water rose, and our bank was gone. But that didn’t end our adventures just meant we moved from the river to the forest. I’m definitely a forest doggo and needed no easing into exploring there.

This month also saw me growing more confident in public outings, and I got to expand my grocery skills from our local market to the big wide world of Costco. This place was amazing, so many nice people, so many smells, and they even have a whole aisle dedicated to us doggos!!!!! I must have aced it because some special doggy treats made it into the cart.

I capped off the month with one big adventure as I packed my bag and went on a trip to the sitters. We live in a rural mountain area, so I got to go spread my paws a bit in a city-style life where I got to experience the work from home life as well as life in a house with medium-sized hoomans, cats and a parrot. Boy was that fun, and they said they can’t wait to have me back.

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard