Work play balance was the key to this month. The weather wasn’t quite sure it was going to spring or keep the winter vibes going so we had quite a few rainy cold days but that wasn’t going to dampen our outside adventures. The hooman introduced me to a new to me but old to her trail. Apparently my luffs for birds and moving things made this trail not a successful place for me but with all the practice we’ve done over my training days the hooman thought it was time to introduce me to it. For the records turns out bird watching and not chasing is just as much fun and also let’s the hooman see just how far I’ve come with my training.

All the training we’ve put in over the last year is definitely starting to show as we are venturing out into public a little more often. With the nicer weather hopefully coming and some of the pandemic restrictions lifting we are hoping to start back to some “in puppy” puppy classes soon so make sure to check back next month to see what learning adventures we get up to. Sniff ya later.

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard