Mosley made herself right at home in her dorm room with her new best friend, with Alpine. They love to play together in the yard (we call them the ‘Terrible Twos’ when they’re together). And then cuddle in their kennel when they’re all tuckered out. Mosley is a lovely girl who loves to hang out with the Advanced Training staff in the training center. We took it easy this week and didn’t do much besides basic obedience, settling time in the training center with her handlers and playing in the yard. Mosley is very happy to be surrounded by her friends. Her goofy antics (she’s literally a spinning top when she’s excited) always bring laughs to staff and volunteers’ faces.

Mosley has been doing very well when working with the Advanced Training Team. She always wants to be picked first when the handlers start grabbing dogs to work. She is very enthusiastic when it comes to training and picks up new things very quickly. Mosley really enjoys working on the more complicated skills, and when school is done, she has been having fun running around in the grassy area of the yard. Mosley has a lot of energy and has been working hard on her settling skills over the past week. She has a great “off” switch, which allows her to hang back and watch her classmate’s work. We are working on a quirk: picking up sticks in the yard (she is trying hard to be a self-proclaimed stick eater). Mosley has shown she’s ready to learn and willing to come when called and leave the stick behind in the yard. 

Thanks, everyone, for all your love and hard work with Mosley!

Submitted by: Advanced Training Department