December saw me reunited with my puppy raiser after spending the last two months on sitter adventures while my house mate PADS Freya reared her littler of puppies. I was met with open arms and returned lots of wiggles followed by the unfortunate welcome home bath.

With December often brings the hopefulness of snow and clearly my hopes were heard because bowsers we saw a lot of it. Although this year the snow also brought some unusually cold weather for our area which led to lots of inside days with short trips outside to play in the yard so not to freeze our little toesies on long walks.

Oh dear I almost forgot I met someone very special, he was kinda grumpy but he was super fuzzy like me and gave some pretty great scritches. All in all it was a great way to wrap up a fantastic year. Here’s hoping next year brings just as many adventures.

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard