February marked my first whole month away from my litter mates and momma. It was a fun month getting to know my new hooman and exploring the new digs.

There was a lot of focus on house manners. Apparently, this means not bringing the toilet brushes to the hooman on the couch during tv time (who knew). The hooman says we’re going to keep things low-key and chill, putting in some groundwork before hitting the big wide world. But that didn’t mean no outings. We had a couple short and sweet trips away from the house, and boy, are they fun. It’s like the kibble motherload when you leave the property.
Anyways, I have to run as there’s lots to learn, but I’ll bark at ya next month with some updates. Errr, I mean I’ll cute puppy eye blink at ya next month. According to the hooman, the song of my people isn’t as soothing to their ears as it is to mine.

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard