February was a short month but didn’t come without many adventures. 

We started off the month by saying goodbye to sweet little Garfield as he headed off to his new school. 

This month also brought a much-appreciated break in the weather; although we aren’t quite sure winter is gone, we definitely had a bit of a spring vibe. With spring beginning to appear, it means we have a very brief window to visit our favorite river spot. As the water is low enough and the bank becomes accessible. So the hoomans took full advantage and got us doggos out a few times before the water rose again. Naturally, though, this month brought a good work-play balance. So when I wasn’t out frolicking in the forest or sniffing along the river, I accompanied the hooman to their appointments and groceries to show off my good girl public manners. 

Can’t wait to see what more spring has to offer next month. 

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard