Bowzer, what an interesting month. This month I left my puppy momma and moved in with my new hooman momma. Who is going to help show me the ropes and teach me what I need to know to be a fully functional puppy of society and hopefully become an assistance dog to a future client.

The majority of the month was spent getting to know my new home and new hooman and learning everything puppy. We didn’t really head out into the big new world too much as momma says best to stay close to home for the time being to learn what she calls foundational skills. So far, to me, that means not toileting in the house, only eating food given to me and learning to walk with the weird snakey thing momma calls a leash. This doesn’t seem so bad because when I do all these new things, the kibbles keep coming, so maybe this whole working-dog thing isn’t going to be so bad. I do luffs to learn.

So if you want to see where my journey takes me, check-in here each month as the momma and I made a deal. I’ll keep doing all the cute puppy things, and she’ll do her best to share them with you!!
Bring it on February. I have a big belly ready for kibs and a brain ready to soak in what you give me.

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard