Holy heat waves Batman!!! July sure was a hot month which limited some of our outings, but didn’t totally cramp our style.
We made use of early morning outings to beat the heat and the crowds. We also made great use of our fav little watering hole the hoomans stumbled upon one day. It is the perfect spot for us puppers to cool down on these sunny summer days.

July also brings upon a bunch of fun activities in our little mountain communities that give amazing training opportunities to us doggos. Some of these included the annual kids market where all the talented tiny hoomans sell some fantastic crafts they’ve been working on as well as we had some people come to educate us all about the toads in the area. The main thing I took from this was don’t chase toads and kibbles will jackpot!!

Heat waves weren’t the only kind of heat we experienced this month, as one of my doggo roommates went into heat as well. I am not entirely sure what this is but they sure do smell funny. The momma assured me it isn’t contagious but my turn will come sooner then later we expect so we started practicing so when my turn comes I won’t mind my panties all that much.

Although august is the official month of “Move” for the annual PADS move campaign July is the kickstart and warm up so we spent lots of time moving and can’t wait for next month when we kick it up a notch. So here’s to many more adventures and oh so much more learning to come. This world is a big place and I’m loving every minute of exploring it!!

Submitted by: Tiff Spenard